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It’s a tried and tested formula, and generation after generation it still works – a college degree continues to be the best preparation possible for accessing the career and the life you and your family deserve.

As more American families look for ways to cover the rising cost of college, many are finding that military education benefits are a lot more generous and flexible than they realized.

We’re here to answer the questions families and aspiring college students have about what’s involved in meeting military service requirements for the GI Bill® and other education benefits, and exactly what you get for your time in service.

Maybe you made the decision to enlist years ago and now you’re approaching the end of your initial service contract. Maybe it’s been years since you were honorably discharged, and the time has finally come that you feel ready to take on the challenge of going to college. Perhaps using your benefits toward a college degree or other career training was part of your plan from the beginning… or maybe it’s a decision you’re just now wrestling with as you weigh your career options in the civilian world.

We’re here to provide the information service members and vets need when making life-impacting decisions. The answers we provide will help you get the most from the education benefits you’ve earned and help put you on a path to earning the degree you need for the career you deserve.

We get it—navigating benefits options, eligibility requirements for the different programs, and the steps involved in making the transition to college can be a lot to manage. is here to help.